Management Skills Certificate

As a people manager, how well do you understand your strengths and blind spots? How confident are you in giving and receiving feedback? How skilled are you at navigating disagreement and fostering inclusion, trust and collaboration?

Our Management Skills Certificate will empower you to develop and hone these skills and more, while identifying your own strategic areas for improvement. You will walk away with stronger communication skills, greater confidence, and an in-depth understanding of how to harness your greatest strengths to become a more effective and inspiring manager.

Details At a Glance

Length: 5-week certificate covering 14 management topics

Hours: 60 total hours of education (40 hours of live training and 20 hours of independent learning)

Format: Includes a combination of in-person instruction and independent learning

Location: Delivered at a location of your choice

Cost: $8,500 + HST

*MentorU is a certified Canadian post-secondary institution and a Government of Canada approved ProServices vendor.

“This training was very relevant and useful for anyone wanting to enhance their leadership skills. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and helped us navigate through using different scenarios, examples and methods for us to learn more about others in the workplace, as well as ourselves. The lessons learned apply to real life, across all areas. I would recommend this course to anyone.”

Lily Heika

Program Coordinator, Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services

Learning Outcomes

Participants of the Management Skills Certificate will return to their workplaces energized and optimistic, equipped with important knowledge and advanced communication skills.

This program will enable you to:

Step into your role as a manager with confidence, curiosity and adaptability

Navigate difficult interactions with greater directness and empathy

Build stronger trust within your team more quickly

 Foster a culture of open-mindedness and collaboration

Learning Modules

WEEK 1: Fostering a motivating and inspiring workplace culture

Module 1: Employee Motivation

Learn about Self-Determination Theory and the factors that contribute to employees’ motivation in the workplace, and explore how you can ensure these factors are present among your team to enhance overall performance.

Module 2: The 3 Cs of High-Trust Teams

Explore what it means to share deep interpersonal trust with another person, and understand how you can foster a work environment that enables deeper trust-building within your team and organization.

Module 3: Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Understand the importance of fostering a psychologically safe work environment and explore the conditions that you can create to enhance the level of psychological safety within your team.

WEEK 2: Advanced communication skills for managers

Module 4: Understanding and Adapting Your Communication Style

Identify your core values using the BANK Codes Communication Assessment tool and understand how they impact your communication style and preferences. Then, explore how you can adapt your communication style to more effectively communicate with others in your professional and personal life.

Module 5: Active Listening

Learn about the power of active listening and explore techniques to do it effectively in different workplace situations to support your staff and colleagues.

Module 6: Communication and Active Listening: Applying Your Skills

Put your skills to work! Apply what you learned in Lessons 4 and 5 and practice adapting your communication style and using active listening techniques in an interactive exercise.

WEEK 3: Managing employee performance and expectations

Module 7: Giving and Receiving Feedback

Explore the types of feedback that can be used in different workplace contexts and understand when to use each one in order to provide relevant, useful feedback that inspires action.

Module 8: Handling Difficult Conversations

Learn the most effective ways to plan for and navigate difficult conversations in the workplace to ensure all parties feel seen, heard and respected.

Module 9: Effective Delegation

Explore the 7 Levels of Initiative and apply this framework to relevant case studies to enhance your ability to effectively encourage employee ownership of projects.

WEEK 4: Best practices for hiring and onboarding

Module 10: Recruiting and Hiring 101

Review recruiting and interviewing best practices and apply them to practice cases to hone your hiring skills and learn how to build a strong and capable team.

Module 11: Employee Onboarding and Integration

Explore the mechanisms and practices that excellent managers use to effectively integrate new employees and help them feel included, welcome, well-supported and motivated.

WEEK 5: Building a strong and resilient team

Module 12: Managerial Decision Making

Learn the principles of sound decision making and apply them to relevant case studies to practice making decisions that result in positive outcomes and inspire employee confidence.

Module 13: Building a Resilient Team

Learn the four factors that contribute to individual and organizational resilience and identify ways that you can proactively contribute to resilience within your team.

Module 14: Managing for Team Synergy

Gain a better understanding of how managers can leverage the individual strengths of team members and work within an existing organizational structure to create strong team synergy.

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