Connection-Driven Leadership Certificate

As a people manager, how well do you understand your strengths and blind spots? How willing are you to give and receive positive and constructive feedback? How skilled are you at navigating disagreement and fostering collaboration?

These skills are necessary to build interpersonal trust and work effectively as a team – but excelling in these areas requires intentional learning and practice.

Our Connection-Driven Leadership Certificate will empower you to harness your greatest strengths, identify strategic areas for improvement, and communicate more effectively, ultimately enabling you to build stronger relationships with and improve the performance of your team.

“This course was very relevant and useful for anyone wanting to enhance their leadership skills. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and helped us navigate through using different scenarios, examples and methods for us to learn more about others in the workplace, as well as ourselves. The lessons learned apply to real life, across all areas. I would recommend this course to anyone.”

Lily Heika

Program Coordinator, Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services

Benefits to Your Team

Participants of our Connection-Driven Leadership Certificate will return to their teams energized and optimistic, equipped with importance knowledge and advanced communication skills.

This program will enable you to:

Step into your role as a leader with confidence, curiosity and adaptability

Confront difficult situations and interactions more effectively, with greater directness and empathy

Build stronger trust with your staff more quickly

Foster a culture of open-mindedness, continued learning and effective collaboration

Course Content

This 10-module certificate includes:

  • Module 1: Understanding Employee Motivation
  • Module 2: Building High-Trust Teams
  • Module 3: Creating Psychological Safety
  • Module 4: Understanding Diverse Communication Styles
  • Module 5: Adapting your Communication for Diverse Teams
  • Module 6: Active Listening Skills for Managers
  • Module 7: Case Studies: Applying Active Listening Skills
  • Module 8: Handling Difficult Conversations: Planning
  • Module 9: Handling Difficult Conversations: Adapting
  • Module 10: Effective Feedback

Our Approach

Our person-centred training model places the needs of our participants at the centre of our programming. We use a skill-building approach based in case studies and hands-on application to engage our participants in learning that is relevant to them and that inspires them to push the limits of their comfort zone.

While we work with groups of all sizes, our greatest strength is the inclusive environment we foster through open, honest and empathetic dialogue. Our clients and students consistently tell us that they have rarely experienced another environment that is at once supportive, challenging and meaningful.

Program Details

Cost: $9,400 + HST

Location: In-person and virtual programs available. Additional fees apply for in-person programs delivered at third-party locations. 

Format: This certificate includes a combination of  synchronous and asynchronous learning, with a total of 40 hours of live training and 20 hours of independent learning.

MentorU is a certified Canadian post-secondary institution and a Government of Canada approved ProServices vendor.