Corporate Team Building

You’ve never had this much fun learning at work. We know this because it’s what our clients have been telling us for the past eight years.

Our corporate team building division, 3C Team Building and Training, specializes in delivering fun, relevant and inspiring programming to help your team improve the way you work while connecting with your colleagues in a meaningful way.

Whether you’re looking for a 2-hour team building event, a 3-day training session or anything in between, our programming provides important lessons and insights that will enable your team to communicate more effectively, collaborate more productively, and connect more authentically.

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“I have been to many training / team-building / facilitated coaching sessions and MentorU’s session has been by far my favourite and the most thought-provoking. Jay is a great facilitator and he provided a constructive framework for us to discuss our activity as a team and share our experience. Comparing this to other sessions, the real differentiator was that Jay allowed us to get to the heart of an issue and work toward a resolution together. He created a very safe space to discuss sensitive issues.”

Joanne McMullin

 Executive Recruitment, Odgers Berndtson