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Our clients and students consistently describe our programing in three words: fun, relevant and inspiring.

Whether you are a student looking to develop important life skills or a professional looking to become a stronger leader in your organization, our teaching model places you at the centre to create a unique and tailored learning experience. We integrate relevant content with an engaging, hands-on approach to help you develop meaningful skills, experiences and connections.

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Leadership Certificate

Learn how to lead effectively and inspire your team to achieve great results through our dynamic and experiential Connection-Driven Leadership Certificate.

Discover Year

Build important skills for personal and professional fulfillment through our structured and purposeful gap year program, Discover Year.

Corporate Team Building

Improve your team’s communication, collaboration and connections through our fun and inspiring team building and training programming.

“This course was very relevant and useful for anyone wanting to enhance their leadership skills. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and helped us navigate through using different scenarios, examples and methods for us to learn more about others in the workplace, as well as ourselves. The lessons learned apply to real life, across all areas. I would recommend this course to anyone.”

Marty Quinlan

High School Teacher, St. John’s College