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Develop the skills you need to flourish in work and life! Through dynamic, relevant and inspiring education and training, our mission is to help you achieve your full potential and thrive in all areas of your life.

MentorU is a certified Canadian post-secondary institution and a Government of Canada approved ProServices vendor.

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For Managers

Learn how to lead effectively and inspire your team to achieve great results through our dynamic and experiential Connection-Driven Leadership Certificate.

For Youth

Build important skills for personal and professional fulfillment through our structured and purposeful gap year program, Discover Year.

For Teams

Improve your team’s communication, collaboration and connections through our fun and inspiring team building programming.


Relevant and Practical

We use relevant content and an engaging, hands-on approach to help you build meaningful skills that can be applied to work and life.


Fun and Engaging

Our courses and programs are dynamic, engaging and experiential to ensure you have fun while you’re learning new skills.



Our training model places participants at the centre to create a learning experience that is memorable, inclusive, and inspiring.


Flexible Delivery Options

We offer virtual and in-person courses and programming to accommodate your schedule and learning preferences.


Tailored to You

Many of our course and programs can be customized to you, your classroom, or your team to meet your unique learning objectives.


Proven Outcomes

Participants consistently report improved confidence, self-awareness, and communication skills as a result of our programs.

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“I highly recommend MentorU for career and life skills education. My students and I really enjoyed their collaboration skills workshop because it was very useful and current. I loved how the facilitators were able to engage my whole group virtually. Not an easy task, but the MentorU team did it so well. The facilitators are incredible communicators and teachers, and my students thoroughly enjoyed their time with them.”

Marty Quinlan

High School Teacher, St. John’s College

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